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Dr. Keith’s compelling and trusted sports content attracts a loyal audience.  This offers advertisers to connect with young males and other unique audiences that are tough to get to in any other way.

Our site is gaining new recurring visitors each and every day.  We already have over 1,000 per month.  Our audience tends to stay and read our in-depth content, spending over two minutes per visit and hitting more than two pages each time.

We don’t inflate our numbers by having slideshows or making users click through to read more of our articles.  We don’t buy cheap traffic to jack up our numbers.

Most of our audience comes from the United States and Canada.  Those two countries make up more than 94.5% of our traffic.  They are 85% male, most are between the ages of 18-40, and they love sports.

Our options are pretty basic.  We can work with you on banners, product reviews, or anything else.  Our newsletter will be starting shortly.  Dr. Keith will be sending out weekly blasts of his top rated content, and you can be included.

We will have some blog background options available, but we will be highly selective on the advertiser and the design.  This is definitely going to be a case-by-case basis.

We can also work with you on an affiliate basis.  We would take a lower flat fee and then earn a commission on all of the sales of your product.  This must be digitally based, 100% tracked online, and a product we believe in.

This is your chance to join some of the biggest names in business by advertising with Dr. Keith.  Don’t you want to jump in for bargain barrel prices so when he’s mentioned by the mainstream media and traffic spikes you can benefit?

Our previous advertisers have made their money back and more.  You can get more visits to your site, more buys of your product, and more subscribers to your newsletter by displaying your banners with us.  Our readers are real, so they will view more pages of your site and spend more time than others.

What are you waiting for?  Contact us today at for more information!