About Dr. Keith

Dr. Keith is a 20 year veteran of the sports radio industry.  He began his career as an on-air talent for his college radio station before taking a paid gig in New York.

Since then he’s gone on to work for six different stations, four of which were in top 20 markets.  He’s done a great job at established stations and starting up sports shows from scratch.  He can revive an existing market and turn it into a respectable player or go from nothing to a strong ratings performer.

During his career Dr. Keith has worked with the biggest names in broadcasting.  He was fortunate enough to work with Sean Salisbury, Doug Gottlieb, Dan Patrick, Colin Cowherd, Keith Olberman, Michelle Beadle, and more.

There is no subject that is off limits for Dr. Keith.  If something is going on in the world of sports he’s likely to have a hot take on it.  Sometimes you’ll agree with him and sometimes you won’t, but you’ll also have to think about where you stand.

Dr. Keith is a firm believer in getting interviews.  He likes to go straight to the source to see what their opinions, thoughts, and beliefs are.  He wants detailed analysis, not just fluff questions and answers.  Some people don’t like this approach, but the listeners definitely do.

What sports does Keith consider himself an expert in?  It all starts with the NFL.  He likes to give out a few winners each Friday for the Sunday slate and has been known to hit more often than not.

College football is a close second.  Phil Steele might have an edge on Dr. Keith, but not many other people do.  He knows the ins and outs on most of the major conference schools and he knows the details of the smaller schools that most people miss.

The NBA season is long and grueling, but Dr. Keith stays well versed in pro basketball.  Especially when it comes down to the nitty gritty and the playoffs start.

NCAA basketball is a sport Dr. Keith covers, but isn’t a favorite.  There are so many schools to keep an eye on.  There are new players every single year as the top talent heads to the draft.  There are only so many hours in a day, and this is the sport that gets left behind.

Baseball is a favorite of his.  Not many people can endure the 162 game season, but Keith has been in love with the MLB since he was a toddler.  He knows the matchups, who hits well against lefties, who dominates right-handers, who is hurt and who is primed for a run.  Don’t miss Keith’s coverage each summer.