2016 MLB Predictions

The 2016 MLB season is almost here and what better way to prepare yourself than to read up on some predictions on how the teams will do this year?

Let’s start with the Cy Young Awards.  Who has the best chance of winning in each league?

National League

I’m going with Clayton Kershaw.  He’s been absolutely dominant the last few years and there is no reason suspect he’ll be anything less this season.  A couple of guys who will contend with him are Jake Arietta, who pitched superbly in the second half, Madison Bumgarner, Max Scherzer and Jake deGrom.

American League

The AL isn’t as clear cut to me.  I like David Price.  He’ll be pitching in Boston.  The Red Sox should be improved.  But there is a lot of competition from the likes of the Indians’ Corey Kulber and Carlos Carrasco.  There is Chris Archer for the Rays.  Chis Sale for the White Sox, and don’t sleep on Felix Hernandex for the Seattle Mariners.  He had a down year but should be motivated to prove he’s still one of the top aces in the business.

Let’s move on to the MVP award and who is likely to win those.


Is this a clown question bro?  Bryce Harper seems to be getting better and better every year, and he wasn’t too bad last year.  He’s my top pick.  How about if Giancarlo Stanton can just stay healthy?  Nobody has the power that he has.  Andrew McCutchen wasn’t 100% last year, but if that’s a down year he’s a player to be mentioned in this race every season.  Paul Goldschmidt of the Arizona Diamondbacks is someone else to keep an eye on.


You know that Mike Trout is going to be right there in this conversation every year and since he didn’t win it last year I’m going with him this year.  Last year’s MVP was Josh Donaldson and while he was a good player, I think he’s going to take a step back.  Miguel Cabrera is only 32, but everyone is writing him off as past his prime.  Expect a return to glory in 2016.

World Series

There are some good teams in the NL this year.  Everyone is big on the Chicago Cubs.  I don’t disagree that they will be good, but give me the San Francisco Giants.  They have proven year after year that they can get it done not only in the regular season but also in the playoffs.  The Mets won’t surprise anyone this year and they’ll have tough competition in the Nationals.  I think the Dodgers will be right there too.  San Fran though is the team to beat.

Moving over to the AL side of things I’m going with the Red Sox.  Sure they were terrible last year, but I like that David Price signing.  I also like their young players like Mookie Betts.  The Blue Jays and Royals will both be tough, and the Astros aren’t going to sneak up on anyone this year.  All those teams I liek to make the playoffs along with the Indians.

Overall, I’m sticking with the Giants.  Tough pitching, timely hitting, and guys who show they can just win when games matter the most.